Carlton Manor’s Specialized Therapeutic Group Care program referrals and requests for information regarding programs and services can be obtained from Dave Hytner MS, Director of Programs.  Dave can be reached at (727) 422-5742 and via email at

Since June 1980, Carlton Manor, Inc. has provided an environment of compassionate care, support and high quality services through our Therapeutic Group Care programs.

The program is designed to help emotionally handicapped (E-H), severely emotionally disturbed (SED) and at-risk children and youth ages 6-15 become successful in their family, home and community environment and to reduce the potential placement of these children in acute inpatient, juvenile justice commitment, or long-term mental health residential placements.

Sixty percent of our program participants are in the custody of a relative or their biological or adoptive families, 40% are in the custody of the State of Florida. Our ultimate goal is to provide a compassionate, safe and stable environment which will help them to experience success at home, in school and in the community; and to reunify, strengthen and preserve the family.

Key Program Components

  • Complete Individualized Treatment Plan
  • 24 Hour / 7 days per week high quality care of children and youth by specially trained and highly committed professional staff 
  • Intensive Family Work and Weekend
  • Family visits 
  • Weekly individual, group and family
  • Therapy with Master's level therapist
  • Outstanding Therapeutic Milieu & skills
  • Development programming
  • Full treatment team (includes Program Manager, Primary Clinician/Therapist, Group Home Counselors, RN, ARNP and Psychiatrist)
  • High level of community based activities throughout Pinellas County
  • Strong partnership and involvement with local public schools to support client success and achievement in the public school settings

30 Years of Commitment to Family Work

From the beginning, the treatment philosophy and practices of Carlton Manor Inc. have focused on serving the child and the family. Studies in the field strongly confirm that a child's relationship with parents is the primary factor affecting academic achievement and positive social development. Relationships with parents and significant others are the chief sources of motivation for children to strive towards positive development and to resist negative peer influences, substance and alcohol abuse, at-risk sexual and delinquent behavior.

Partnering with families reinforces the development of their strengths, assets and natural supports. All families are provided weekly family therapy with a Master's level therapist. As often as is possible, children and youth return home on weekends and holidays to build their family relationships, practice new skills and resolve problems as they arise.

Children whose parents are working on a reunification case plan receive the same high level of family counseling and support. For children who do not have families, we strive to identify appropriate adoptive and/or foster families. When the match is made, our program provides services and visits towards ensuring compatibility and permanency. A weekend (24/7) program is provided for children who do not go home on weekends.

Complete Individualized Treatment Plan

The Individualized Treatment Plan that guides services begins with the assessment of the referral packet which contains family history, educational, medical, legal, psychological and psychiatric information. The final document clearly defines specific behaviors to be addressed, specifies therapeutic interventions to be provided and includes specific goals, objectives and interventions for the child and family.

The youth and his parent/guardian review and sign the treatment plan. Treatment approaches and interventions are adjusted as needed, but in all cases the treatment plan is reviewed monthly. Specialized psychological, vocational and medical consultation is arranged if indicated.
Each treatment team consists of:

  • Program Manager
  • Primary Clinician/Therapist
  • Group Home Counselor(s)
  • ARNP / Psychiatrist
  • Registered Nurse
  • Parent / Legal Guardian
  • The Child

Therapeutic Programming

In addition to receiving individual, group and family therapy, the children and youth remain engage in after school extracurricular activities, sports teams, various community events and projects, and attendance at church and athletic sporting events. Therapeutic and recreational activities are implemented on a daily basis to increase self-esteem, develop socialization skills, build and strengthen responsible attitudes.  Group Home Counselors “team-up” and work with youth on group projects, daily chores, homework/reading time, behavioral plan and role modeling of appropriate problem solving and social skills.

Referrals and Information

Carlton Manor's Specialized Therapeutic Group Care program referrals and requests for information regarding programs and services can be obtained from Dave Hytner MS, Director of Programs. Dave can be reached at:
(727) 422-5742, or email at

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Carlton Manor, Inc. strives to support children and families through the development of environments that promote emotional healing and behavioral change. We pursue a true partnership with each individual and family, striving to maximize growth, empowerment, stability and independence.

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