Christmas Wish List

Christmas is around the corner. All of our children are filled with the magical and hopeful thinking that Christmas brings. Unfortunately the State of Florida does not provide funding for Christmas presents that means we rely on your generosity to ensure that our children have the Christmas they deserve. The following items are being sought to fill Christmas wishes for 2013. Remember any cash donation made designated for Christmas present will be used to purchase an item on this list.

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Our therapeutic group home programs aspire to enhance and develop the educational tutorial and academic support services we presently provide.

The addition of a six station computer lab and state of the art educational software would provide optimum opportunities for up to 12 participants to significantly strengthen literacy and capability in the language arts, improve learning in the areas of math and sciences and promote academic gains in all educational subject areas.

Projected Educational Costs:

Dell Desktop computer system (20" flat screen monitor included) at $750 each. A total of 18 desktop systems (6 systems for each of our 3 Therapeutic Group Homes). Total projected cost: $13,500.

Educational software bundle@$500 per group home (x3 group home programs). Total software cost: $1,500.

Computer Lab Furniture:
Computer tables @ $250, chairs @$50, and bookcases @$160 each.
6 tables - $1500, 18 chairs - $900, 3 bookcases - $480 each.
Total lab furniture costs $2,880

Total Projected computer Lab Cost $17,880

Our 3 Therapeutic Group Home programs are all in need of safe playground and fitness equipment. Only one home has equipment, and it is no longer considered safe for children.

Estimated Cost for each Fitness Play Station is approximately $7,500.

Total Projected Playground Fitness Equipment: $22,500


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Carlton Manor, Inc.strives to support children and families through the development of environments that promote emotional healing and behavioral change. We pursue a true partnership with each individual and family, striving to maximize growth, empowerment, stability and independence.

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